Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Garden Planning - Choose Heirloom Veggie and flower options for spring 2016

 Consider Rainbow Swiss Chard and Russian Kale, for salads this summer.  As well as choices below. 
 Heirloom red slicer "full flavor'  with a regional heirloom from ND, shiny 5- 7 oz slicer. 

 Heirloom cherry tomatoes, yellow lemon drops and red figs

Add color and keep pests away with colorful marigolds.  Add color to salads and juicing with beets.

 Healthy fennel for a mind licorice flavor and digestive health, with curly kale as an added green

 Early producer, like candy, favorite for some of the  , along with a sweet pepper that is green prior to turning yellow later in the Minnesota Season

Asian variety of eggplant, up to 12-18" fruits, and sweet red pepper

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