Thursday, April 25, 2019

Garden Plants 2019 for your consideration May Planting!

Here are some of the options that I planted from seed out at the Winsted Farm in Early April and just transplanted the seedlings into 4 packs to be ready in mid May.  Here are some of the numbers...and call me or email if you want to reserve some.
Dino Kale  48 + , Gold Nugget 1" fruit cherry tomato --24 plants, Rainbow Chard 12, Hon Tsai Tai (Chinese) Flowering Broccoli, 26 plants, Bull's Blood Beet 48 plants, Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato (3/4 " vining plants works well in hanging basket 50 plants..Watch for other options and hope to hear from you----BlondKopchen is a small cherry tomato favorite