Sunday, September 7, 2014

Celebrating the Garden Harvest - Heirloom Tomatos and More!

Each of the past few years, I have rototilled gardens, this year, some new, like the community garden plot by Hyland Park High School in St Paul.  Rob Senden and I again this year, put up a fence and planted flowers and vegetables in Crystal, about 5 miles north of my apartment in St Louis Park.
I harvested more of this platter of vegies, Friday AM Sept 5th .  Mmm, lots of fresh tomatoes to share.

 Pink (Purple) Prudens, lower left, green striped, then a green pepper and hot jalepeno, yellow bush beans and Kentucky Wonder beans,  brown berry, the red striped, yellow pear, and a yellow and Umberto Italian small paste tomato and a heart shaped heirloom.  So many flavors for snacks, sandwiches and stir fried!
Varieties of heirlooms, lower left, Pruden's pink-purple, red zebra striped, green grape cherry and brown cherry, Matt's wild grouped red cherry, green zebras on the right and lower Umberto small paste.