Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rosen Method Global Congress WHISTLER, B.C., CANADA August 5-9, 2014

  Here is Marion Rosen at the Berkeley Center still teaching at age 96 surrounded by students from Denmark at the Intensive I attended as my second in Dec 2010
In 2013, I attended my 7th Rosen Method Body Work intensive. Since beginning getting sessions from Dorothea Hrossowyc in Aug of 2009 for my own personal growth ,and have joined the Rosen Method Institute as an advance student.  FYI,  My MKP friend Andy M, referred me to the work, and I have found it to be a great adjunct practice and work to stay more centered in my body. and to share with others    For more information check out
Here are some of the crew at the 2010 Berkeley Intensive in Berkeley.  Bill Samsel the only male teacher available came to Minnesota to lead what I think is the first ever all men's Introduction to Rosen Method Body work, that Eric Wickiser and I sponsored in Aug of 2012. 

I am looking to attend the Aug 2014 World Congress as an Advanced Student interested in speading the word and work in our Heartland Community and around the world.

 "We, the Canadian Rosen Method community, are excited to be hosting this event, and we welcome you all to Canada! Once again we will connect deeply, laugh, and play together.

Marion Rosen is still so present in our hearts. This Global Congress is special, for this would have been Marion Rosen’s 100th birthday in June 2014. We will embrace our roots by celebrating Marion and her legacy.

This is a unique opportunity as a community to bring our passion, to build on the strong legacy that Marion gave us. Together we honour our roots, recognize our growth to date, and collaborate to powerfully step forward with Marion’s vision of taking Rosen Method into our communities and the world.

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