Monday, May 23, 2016

Karen Anderson's Minnetonka Garden Transformation Buckthorn woods to balanced landscaping

Yesterday morning was a  idyllic Sunday and I was breathing into my taking a stand for the beauty of Nature....and called my friend Karen, who since 2002 has allowed me to contribute to what she remembered yesterday as we walked "A lot of where we are standing today was a buckthorn grove back then.  Many of these plants, pulmonaria, ligularia, are the babies of the plants we liberated removing the buckthorn."   Fun to see the Bee Safe Garden signs, as I arrived to share in a relaxed and peaceful walk. Looking north with my automatic lights of my green pony with the yellow bee sign. Still sweet smelling lilacs here at the end of May in Minnesota.  
South looking from the driveway, where Karen remembers mostly buckthorn between the trees 10 -14 years back.  Fun to see the many colors, especially the pink-purple Japanese primroses....

Another view south with the pink and yellow of the flowers with the trees where there was once a lot of buckthorn. 
Steps down in front of to the east of Karen and Eric's home.   Still some purple from the heart leaved red bud down below.