Monday, August 15, 2011

Alanon in Adelaide South Australia - Connections

H.A.L.T. "Hungry Angry Lonely Tired" is one of the unofficial slogans of the 12 step program. Just before noon today, raining outside and hesitating to walk to the Adelaide Botanical Garden, spirit said gently, go on line and see if there is a meeting. Sure enough, I found a noon meeting right on the way. So I got out of my self to walk the 30 minutes and join 6 others in the circle. Happy to be able to read two offerings in Courage to Change, and to share my experience strength and hope of 30 years of one day at a time in the program. Here is a photo of Lois W and real correspondence in 1974 to the Adelaide meeting. Really wonderful to experience the love and serenity of the program, one half word away from Minnesota. Thanks group for your kind support. Thanks David B for your encouragement about the Chinese Facebook QQ. More shall be revealed EASY DOES IT, ONE DAY AT A TIME>