Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Plants ready for May Planting with Tom Weaver 2017 Wopida Group

In 2016, I had good success in my Crystal garden with greens and friends/customers seemed to want more leafy greens to harvest throughout the season, for sandwiches, smoothies, stir fries, so voila' I found more greens to plant this year  - check out some of the options below  - and contact me, soon!  Hope you can enjoy them throughout the season --

 On May 4 I transplanted seedlings from germination trays at the farm near Winsted into 4 chambered "cell packs' germination rates  --Spinach 11 out of 36 (less than 1/3) ,  Mustard Blend 32 of 36, Matt's Tomato  36 of 36, Romaine Lettuce 36 of 36, White Kale 36 of 36, 100%, Bulls Blood Beet 8 of 24 - 1/3
Many shades of green, here on May 4, as I counted the seedlings and labeled the trays - 18 trays each with 48 seedlings - 864 plus others of heirloom tomatoes I got from Gray Schmidt 3 1/2 more trays ---over 1000 plants to find homes for! 
May 4 germination numbers Mesclun Greens Blend (Mesclun is a salad mix of assorted small, young salad green leaves, which originated in Provence, France.) 36 of 36 100%, Curly Vates Kale 36 of 35 100%, Collards 33 of 36, Ping Ling Asian Eggplant 36 of 36, Marigolds 36,  Yellow Sweet Pepper

 Blondetropchen Yellow Sweet Cherry Tomato  36 of 36 
 Okra (my first time) got seeds from a New Hope woman, Stephanie,who had a garden in Minnetrista and had good luck with them ---more from wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okra

Also planted Santee brocolini, brussel sprouts and more  ----
Also some black cherry tomatoes and 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Weaving connections through Story Telling -----The power of connection and relatiionships for healing

How import to tell our stories, in a good way  ---- loving to tell stores ---thanks to a fellow Rosen Worker, Marjorie Heubner  for the share

In Charlie’s Space and Time: NYC Historian and Irish Genealogist Charles R. Hale